Be Festival

Contemporary Dance with Bérangère Bodin

“You have to believe in yourself, otherwise nobody can do it for you…”

I started dancing quite late for a woman and the more I said to myself “Please believe in yourself…” the more I realised how much I lacked self-confidence. Later on, various workshops and encounters helped me to discover a new way to see things around me and a new way to dance. In this workshop I would like to share some exercises I always enjoy discovering again and again.

Bérangère created her first work in tribute to Samuel Beckett’s Les Mains Moites. She followed this with work for Raimund Hoghe, Joëlle Bouvier and Nod Dance Company. Based in Belgium, she works as a dancer, choreographer and director, collaborating with a range of international practitioners and companies. She is currently dancing for world-renowned company Les Ballets C de la B. She has also made several short animations that were shown in Berlin including Bonjour Mr Satie and Tulles und sein Schatten.

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