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Contratiempos by Compañia Nenacaracol (Spain)

This is the story of a woman that wants to become a fashion model, and of the problems she encounters trying to reach that dream. The piece combines clowning, flamenco dance and rhythm work in a unique concoction.

Belen Gordillo Perales graduates in Spanish dance and flamenco from the Cordoba Conservatory and in physical theatre from the Royal School of Dramatic Arts, Madrid. She was a part of Mayumana, an Israeli percussion, dance and theatre company touring Europe and South America. She trained in mime with Marcel Marceau, Jose Piris and in clown with Eric de Bont, Jesus Jara and Gabriel Chame. Following these expereinces, she created her own company Nenacaracol. Contratiempos is the first show of the company.

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