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Control Freak by Cie. Kirkas (France) – 30 min

Pulsating, funny and perfectly controlled multimedia chaos driven by performer and director Kulu Orr who simultaneously creates and loops live music whilst performing circus tricks and using wearable computers to control light, sound and video across the stage. It’s a heady synthesis of bleeps and visuals, both mesmerising and awe inspiring. The only problem is, there’s no band to help out…yet. Kulu is both a circus a practitioner and computer science expert. French company Kirkas Gaya focus on circus and acrobatics as means of artist expression led by Sandrine Duquesne and Miraël Finkel.

Control Freak (55min show) – 2 minute trailer from Kulu Orr on Vimeo.

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Wednesday 4th July – 9:30 pm 

Created and Performed by:
Kulu Orr

Kulu Orr and Rivka Glaubman


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