Be Festival

Early Ideas (90 mins)

As a festival first, we present four examples of works in progress and in early stages of development. Taking place at midday on Saturday on the Door Stage in The REP, we thought that these Early Ideas deserved to be represented and they’d be much appreciated by our enthusiastic BE FESTIVAL audience.

There will be a voting system whereby audience members choose their favourite show, the winner then being awarded the opportunity to perform on the Studio stage at BE FESTIVAL 2017.

Entry to these shows is £5.

Days Like This

UK (15 min)

A man, a chair and an audience. A solo show about a man who doesn’t know how to sit down. A visual, physical and funny short highlighting the tragedy of failure and human experience.

Over You

Germany/Greece (15 min)

Featuring two siblings who connect through a cycle of play, antagonism and forgiveness despite living miles apart. It questions the notion of distance, its effect on relationships and the sibling dynamic.

This show is supported by the Goethe-Institut, London.

Declining Solo
Two Destination Language

UK / Bulgaria (15 min)

An exploration of the passing of time, being in the moment and presence through words and language, gesture and simple visuals. Inspired by their aging parents and to be completed in spring 2017.

Dancing Bear, Dancing Bear

UK (15 min)

What does it mean to be a man in the world? A show that ponders cultural expressions of masculinity from around the world experimenting with how spoken word and body language can dovetail, contradict and complement meaning on stage.

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