Be Festival

From the waltz to the mambo by Radioballet (Hungary)

In the hands and in the body of a single performer, a 1960’s Hungarian ballroom dance manual becomes a tool for questioning today’s dogmas surrounding beauty and education. A disarmingly straightforward, funny, and personal meeting of a vintage text and a contemporary performance language.

Radioballet are Hungarian dance artists, Bea Egyed and Milán Újvári. With cultural differences and shared understanding central to their work, they are particularly looking forward to performing in front of an English-speaking audience (with an English sense of humour!) for the first time at BE FESTIVAL 2014.

Choreographer / Director
Milan Ujvari

Milan Ujvari

Lighting design
Milan Ujvari

Csaba Mészáros

“Public’s Prize” and “The Best Solo Prize” 2012 Budapest International SoloDuo Festival, “Public’s Final Choice” Prize 2013 Stuttgart Internationales Solo Tanz Theater Festival, “Audience Prize” 2013 Gdansk International Solo Dance Contest


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