Be Festival

Getaway by Theater Am Tisch (Germany/Spain/Italy/Australia)

Pick a table, pull up a chair, and let’s talk about what we’re fleeing from, running towards and hoping for… Professional exiles tracing paths of escape and opportunity across Europe wait with their tales for you to join them; tales of rules and regulations, of families and values, of cities and dreams, and of love.

The nine members of Berlin based Theater am Tisch, from Germany, Spain, Italy and Australia, have been creating intimate theatre experiences together in unique locations since 2012.

Jonas von Lingen

Amor Schumacher
Carlo Loiudice
Eneko Sanz
Nikki Thomas
Clara Gracía

Marietta Kirkbride

Set design
Serena Schimd

mask creator Fabrizio Bianchi and Roberta Spegne

Sound and lighting design
Eva Gutierrez Alonso


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