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Heave by Epiclastics PAP – Bilbao (Spain)

Epiclastics is a company emerging from PAP (Performing Arts Programme), an international experiment which this year has gathered nine students from the UK, Italy and the Basque Country in Bilbao for nine months. The students have worked with different directors and devised their own pieces which will tour several international festivals. PAP is a formative experience, an artistic residency, and a promotion platform for new makers.

Heave is an evocative and fast-paced piece of theatre which approaches our varying personal ideas of success.

Choreographer / Director
Devised by the company

Oier Egaña
Unai Fernández
Adrian García
Eli Hernández
Enrico L’ Abbate,
Ben Mills

Supported by
BAI Drama School Bilbao


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