Be Festival

Homo Ridens_Birmingham by Teatro Sotterraneo (Italy)

Homo Ridens_Birmingham is an experiment on a sample. The ‘guinea pig’ audience is put through a test: they are asked to react to a given stimulus, exploring laughter and its driving mechanisms. The purpose: to analyse the human approach to laughter; to measure its limits and complexity; to ask – above all – why are we all laughing? A sizzling, audacious show that makes us examine our darkest and most delightful impulses.

Florence-based performance collective Teatro Sotterraneo was founded in 2004. They have toured Europe and beyond, winning awards for their uniquely experimental and accessible work that always seeks to create a fresh relationship with the audience.

Choreographer / Director
Devised by the company

Daniele Villa

Sara Bonaventura
Iacopo Braca
Matteo Ceccarelli
Claudio Cirri

Costume advice
Laura Dondoli & Sofia Vannini

Card design
Rojna Bagheri

Marco Smacchia

Claire Pasquier

Armunia, Centrale Fies

Teatro Sotterraneo is part of the Fies Factory project

with the support of
IYMT and Warwick Arts Centre
Comune di Firenze – Assessorato alla Cultura e alla Contemporaneità, Le Murate, Suc (Spazi Urbani Contemporanei)
in collaboration with Santarcangelo 41

BE FESTIVAL, Birmingham, 1st Prize and ACT Festival Prize (2012)
Eolo Award, Italy (2012)


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