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Impressions d’Afrique by mk (Italy)

In his 1910 novel, Impressions d’Afrique, Raymond Roussel saw Africa as an unpredictable hybrid of multiple and arbitrary Western notions. This surreal landscape forms the backdrop to mk’s crowded system of chain reactions and ballistic choreography, a discovery of new destinations and merry misunderstandings.

For their week in Birmingham and show at The REP, the core ensemble are joined in rehearsal and onstage by local and festival performers.

A leading research ensemble of the Italian dance scene, mk are led by Michele Di Stefano, whose work has featured at the National Dance Academy in Rome and the Biennale Danza, Venice.

Michele Di Stefano

Philippe Barbut
Biagio Caravano
Francesco Saverio Cavaliere
Marta Ciappini
Laura Scarpini

BIGG, Riff Raff, Geir Jenssen

Supported by
Regione Lazio Assessorato alla Cultura Arte e Sport, Routes Agency, National Prehistoric Ethnographic Museum “Luigi Pigorini” Rome, MELA/European Museums in an age of migrations, MiBACT.


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