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In Girum imus nocte (et consumimur igni) by Aldes (Italy) – 30 min

A rugged, black and white and apocalyptic setting sets the tone for a tense and disconcerting journey through light and darkness. Hypnotic sounds engulf the room inducing the dancers into tribalistic and trance like movements. Hyper-emotional performers convey disorganized and spasmodic gestures beyond exhaustion. The piece twitches into its climactic finale. Directed by choreographer Roberto Castello, co-founder of Sosta Palmizi and regarded as major influence on Italian contemporary dance. He has been teaching digital choreography at Accademia delle Belle Arti di Brera, Milan since 2005.

This show is a shortened version of the full production (full length 60 minutes).

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Choreographer / Director
Roberto Castello

Mariano Nieddu, Stefano Questorio, Giselda Ranieri & Irene Russolillo

Sartoria Fiorentina & Csilla Evinger

Roberto Castello

Sound Design
Roberto Castello

Lighting Design
Roberto Castello

Photography Credits
Paolo Porto



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