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Indomador by Animal Religion (Spain) – 50 min

A comical, punchy look at the way we build our identities. A solo performer dresses up in high heels, animal masks and a suit jacket. He occupies different roles, tumbling through handstands, acrobatics and an array of characters. An act of grotesque, contemporary circus, it pokes fun at the rigid associations we have with certain clothes or styles of dress. Bringing out their inner animal, it’s about the common instincts binding us together. Animal Religion are a circus company based in Catalonia, making work that explores the strangeness of our everyday routines.

Indomador – Animal Religion 2014 from Animal Religion on Vimeo.

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Choreographer / Director:
Quim Giron

Quim Giron

Set Design:
Maria Bartrons

Costume Design:
Maria Bartrons

Sound Design:
Mathieu Lemat Pernaud and Niklas Blomberg

Lighting Design:
Joana Serra

Photography Credits:
Anna Bosch – Alessia Bombacci

Zirkolika Circus Prize for Best Newcoming Company with Indomador 2013




Generalitat de Catalunya

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