Be Festival

Interval Dinner


Braised beef (v = mushrooms) with British spices such as hay and hogweed in flour tortillas
Tomato and red onion salsa
Crushed pea salad
Sour cream

Lamb (v = falafel) and wheat kibbeh
Butterbean humus
Carrot and courgette salad
Fattoush (bread-based dish

Roast 7-spice goat (v = aubergine)
Mushroom and seaweed couscous
Smacked cucumbers with chilli and garlic
Carrots with sweet miso dressing

Toulouse-style sausage, lentil, tomato and red pepper stew (v = with mushroom) served with yogurt
Fennel, spring onion and parsley salad
Bread and butter

Roast pork shoulder with fennel, chilli and lemon (v = cheese)
potatoes with garlic and rosemary
French beans
Butterbeans with red onions and basil

Blanch & Shock Food Design makes creative food projects and provides bespoke catering. We use food to explore and illustrate ideas, focusing on the British palette of ingredients.

Based in South London, we design food for diverse events and projects across the UK and beyond. These have included concept-based canapé services, multi-course dinners, tasting experiences and edible installations, our own pop-up restaurants and singular artistic projects.

Since opening in 2009, Blanch & Shock Food Design has produced more than a hundred projects exploring British food, including collaborations with the V&A, Wellcome Collection, Icon Magazine and the Royal Academy of Arts.

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