Be Festival

La Belle Escabelle by Doble Mandoble (Belgium)

A performance that shows the amount of surprising, spectacular and stupid things that a human being is capable of doing with ordinary ladders.

Doble Mandoble aim to create a visual theatre that is original, playful, poetic and absurd. Laughter is the shortest distance between two people, no matter which language they speak, no matter which God they worship. Luis Javier and Miguel Angel Cordoba – twin
brothers – co-founded Doble Mandoble in 2007. This show first premiered in 2011.


Luis and Miguel Córdoba & Ezra Moreno

Choreographer / Director
Ezra Moreno

Luis Córdoba
Miguel Córdoba

Set design
Sebastien Boucherit

David Chezam

Produced by
Doble Mandoble

with the support of
La communauté française

Espace Catastrophe, La Roseraie, Centre culturel Ecrin, Centre culturel De Kroon


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