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Let’s Dance! by VerTeDance (Czech Republic) – 30 min

Contemporary dance is often denigrated and accused of being self righteous, impenetrable even, begging the question, how can it be explained? With tongue firmly in cheek, director Petra Tejnorová takes charge, with a cast of five, in writing the ‘manual for anxious audiences’ offering guidance about how to overcome your ‘contemporary’ fears. Emblazoned with irony, the show plays with the audience whether on the fence or initiated. VerTeDance were created in 2004 in Prague and with previous work Correction, they won the 2015 BE FESTIVAL audience award.

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Wednesday 4th July – 7:00pm 

Created, Performed and Choreographed by:
Tereza Ondrová
Helena Arenbergerová
Helena Araújo
Halka Třešnáková
Martin Talaga

Petra Tejnorová

Marta Ljubková

Assistant Director and Choreography:
Matthew Rogers

Lighting Design:
Katarína Ďuricová

Adriana Černá

Sound design:
Dominik Žižka

Preparatory Workshops:
Jaro Viňarský
Matthew Rogers
Peter Šavel

Karolína Hejnová

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