Be Festival

loops and breaks by Julia Schwarzbach (Austria)

Julia invites you, the audience, to make the action by responding to a series of shifting instructions prepared especially for the BE FESTIVAL crowd. The stage expands to become a blur of watching and performing, interpretation, cooperation and play, where everyone can join the game of finding common ground together, and where every contribution is precious.

Since studying at Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance and Roehampton University, London, Julia has worked with choreographers including Sasha Waltz, Rosalind Crisp, Ted Stoffer and Mia Lawrence. She is a member of tanz_house, a Salzburg based platform for choreography.

Choreographer / Director
Julia Schwarzbach

Julia Schwarzbach

Nic Lloyd

Ray Farhad Kazemi
David Bess

Co-produced by
Toihaus Theater Salzburg

Supported by
Kultur Stadt Salzburg, Kultur Land Salzburg, Austrian Cultural Forum London


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