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Maria Addolorata by C&C (Italy)

Suffering: one of those rare feelings that is genuine and primeval. It’s with us from the beginning, constant. It chooses us. Without it, we couldn’t feel alive. An investigation that doesn’t start with a story, because suffering is unexpected, unpredictable.

Chiara Taviani and Carlo Massari first collaborated in 2011, with their first show winning First Prize at the By Pass Festival. They have subsequently toured France, Italy and Mexico, and will soon present this piece at Tanzimpulse in Salzburg.

Choreographer / Director
Carlo Massari & Chiara Taviani

Carlo Massari & Chiara Taviani

Carlo Massari
Chiara Taviani

Set design
Carlo Massari, Chiara Taviani, Piergiorgio Bonora

Lighting design
Massimiliano Sacchetti

Pietro Anastasi

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