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Merci, Pardon by Cie HappyFace (France) – 20 min

One man delirious in music and another head over heels in love, both fearful of being alone, weak, powerless and cowardly. The strength of human need and the joy of bonding allows a release of their inhibitions and desires. Using movement and circus, the French couple break down feelings of loneliness, forging a union and ´juggling´ their weaknesses and shame. Starring Maxime Sales and Boris Couty, the piece is a short version of a longer vision that started out in the pair´s third year at the Lido circus school in Toulouse.

This piece is in development and the exact running time may differ slightly to that listed.


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Choreographer / Director
Boris Couty & Maxime Sales

Maxime Sales & Boris Couty

Photography credits
Martela Molucas & Christophe Trouillet

Special thanks
Benjamin de Matteïs & Sylvain Cousin





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