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Mi Gran Obra (Un Proyecto Ambicioso) by David Espinosa / El Local Espacio de Creación (Spain)

If you could make a show, unconstrained by funding and liberated from health and safety regulations, what would it be like? Grab your opera glasses and join David, 300 actors, herds of animals, a military orchestra, cars, a rock band and a helicopter to find out what he would do…

Through wandering playfully amongst the fripperies of colossal creations, Mi Gran Obra (My Great Work) continues Espinosa’s ongoing exploration of value, substance and artistic practice as El Local Espacio de Creación, a company he founded in 2006 with Africa Navarro.

David Espinosa

David Espinosa
Company Hekinah Degul

Set design
David Espinosa / AiR

Santos Martinez / David Espinosa

David Espinosa

Supported by
El Local E.C. / C.A.E.T Terrassa / Generalitat de Catalunya- Departament de Cultura / Bilbaoeszena / Institut Ramon Llull


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