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Modified Toy Orchestra (UK)

The piece will consist of multiple modified children’s electronic toys that will be played by three conductors. The toy instruments will be used to create a four piece movement based around phase and the toy instruments ability to create random, ambient and chaotic passages, some of the toy instruments used for this bespoke piece will be the Casio SA-2 & SA-8’s, Barbie Karaoke Machines and 5 Tandy 12’s.

MTO have been at the forefront of a worldwide underground movement called circuit bending, which involves rescuing children’s electronic toys and converting them into new strange and wonderfully sophisticated musical instruments. Taking them apart, they find new connections hidden within each toys circuit that reveal new sounds, thus exposing the surplus value of redundant technology. Toys are reassembled, including switches and dials with which to control this surplus value.

The results of this process can be shockingly beautiful and also extreme.



Friday 10 June


10.00pm – 10.45pm (45 mins)

Midlands Arts Centre

Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham, B12 9QH

Created by

Modified Toy Orchestra

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