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Nihad Kreševljaković – Do you remember Sarajevo? (2002)

During the siege of Sarajevo between 1992 and 1995, several hundred citizens of the city recorded everyday events on their video cameras. It was the first time that European warfare had been documented this way. Compiled from these materials, this film presents a story of ordinary people in an epoch of genocide and technology.

Nihad Kreševljaković is the Executive Director of MESS International Theatre Festival in Sarajevo. He studied Philosophy and History at the University of Sarajevo. During the Balkan war and the siege of Sarajevo he realised the importance and significance of what was happening and began collecting information and documenting the unfolding events. He was able to record the shelling and capture the realities of daily life under siege. As well as having made a significant number of documentaries, he is also an associate of several professional journals and literary publications and is a board member of the Kriterion Foundation.

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