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Of Miracles and Wonders, Optimistic Conference by Fundación Collado Van Hoestenberghe (Spain) – 30 min

An unusual business conference taking place in a remote village in Spain providing a funny and light-hearted theatre piece showing what happens when you keep asking, why?

The conference that you’d expect to give answers asks only questions lending to a joyous feast of contradiction happily littered with outbreaks of fiddles and guitars and a plant invasion! The outcome suggests new life paths that may well send you off in delirium.

Based in Catalonia, Barbara Van Hoestenberghe and Ernesto Collado created the Fundación in 2007 with a remit based upon critical optimism and their shows always celebrate human complexity and contradiction.

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Director / Choreographer
Ernesto Collado

Barbara Van Hoestenberghe & Ernesto Collado

Barbara Van Hoestenberghe, Ernesto Collado and the special collaboration of Jordi Bover

Music & Sound Design
Barbara Van Hoestenberghe

Photography credits
Jordi Bover


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