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P-Project by Ivo Dimchev (Bulgaria / UK) – 60 min

A simple Premise. P-Project is a solo by Performing artist Ivo Dimchev based on several words beginning with ‘P’ such as Piano, Pray, Pussy, Poetry, Poppers and so on and so forth. People will be given an opportunity to walk away with hard cash and after the Performance will be invited to Play with the complex Pussy catalogue and construct their own Pussy and Print it on a Postcard. Ivo is an internationally renowned choreographer, performing artist and singer-songwriter and released their exemplary debut album Sculptures in 2017.

This performance is a co-presentation with Fierce Festival. Some scenes may have sexual content and involve nudity – audience age restrictions apply (over 18s only).

Ivo will also be performing a special concert, especially for BE FESTIVAL on Saturday 30th June at 8pm.

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Tuesday 3rd July – 9:00pm

Concept and Music:
Ivo Dimchev

Performed by:
Ivo Dimchev 
Audience Members

Software Development:
Matteo Sisti Sette

Co-Production of:
Impulstanz Vienna
Trouble festival / Les Halles
Hebbel Theater / Berlin
Humarts Foundation

Subsidised by:
Flemish Community in Belgium

Imo Dimchev 


Supported by:

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