Be Festival

Pangea (UK preview) directed by Gaël Le Cornec (UK/Brazil) – 50 min approx

Three women — three continents — one city.

Grace wakes up one morning to the sound of the dawn chorus of local Parakeets calling her name. Intrigued (and a little bit terrified), she sets off to decipher their message. Along the way, she meets Edith, an eccentric English birder, and Alma, an enigmatic Brazilian professor. Together, they will learn to listen to the past, and reshape the present.

In an immersive episodic audio story using 3D spatial sound, Pangea unearths a slice of the diversity around us, and the complexity of the history behind it. Grab your headphones and pen and paper and let the sound of this journey guide you.

Gaël Le Cornec is a Latinx/French theatre artist, born in the Amazon, working across multiple discipline including film, audio and live performance. She explores themes of migration, identity and ecology in her work. 

Limbik makes new theatre and live experiences in physical and digital spaces. 

Episode 1

Written by:
Lorna French
Gaël Le Cornec
BJT Samuels

Episode 2

Written by:
Gaël Le Cornec
BJT Samuels
Lorna French

Music by:
Xavier Velastín

Voices by:
Amelia Parillon
Claire Lacey
Dora Da Cruz
Yinka Awoni
Nicole Sawyerr
Gaël Le Cornec

Spatial Audio Engineering:
Henrik Oppermann

Unity Development Consultant:
Christopher Petit-Mee

Site-specific adaptation directed by:
Gaël Le Cornec 

Conceived & Produced by:

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