Be Festival

Performance by Squarehead Productions featuring Darragh McLoughlin (Ireland/Germany) – 60 to 360 min

Derived from his contemporary circus show Stickman, Darragh will commit his mind and body to a durational performance whereby he will balance a stick on his sternum for between one and six hours. The performance ends when the stick falls. 

This piece is an attempt to reach audiences through the digital space by presenting a minimal circus piece that features just one trick. This is an invitation to be a witness as Darragh maintains, struggles and plods his way to sure failure.

Accompanied by live sound and music by Joseph Summer from First Terrance Records

Darragh McLoughlin was born in Cork and in 2008 he left Ireland to pursue what would become his circus training and career. In 2012 he founded Squarehead Productions as a platform for artistic research and performance.  



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Sunday 10th May
14:30 UK time


Photo credits:
Philippe Deutsch

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