Be Festival

Plant B by Transitheart Productions (Austria)


A relationship between two women unfolds dramatically and tragically. Expect the unexpected. Be prepared to cry…. A high speed performance featuring gestural movement to which we can all relate. A place for associations to run free.

The show won a Best Performance award at OPEN Festival (Italy) after premiering in Vienna in 2012.

Transitheart Productions was founded by Ilona Roth, a theatre, dance and performance artist. Ilona collaborates here with Anna Majder, a member of the Warsaw Dance Theatre, and Marina Mazaraki, co-founder of the Vertebra Dance Collective.

Choreographer / Director
Ilona Roth

Anna Majder (PL)
Marina Mazaraki (GR)

Photography and Video
Fivos Salahas

Manuel Mitterhuber & Bernhard Höchtel

OPEN FESTIVAL, Italy, La Mama Spoleto Open Award (2012)


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