Be Festival

Post Show: Abie’s Miracle Tonic Live

When your bones is achin’
and your heart is a-breakin’
and your stomach’s a-shakin’
there’ll be no mistakin’
If you’re feeling lonesome, then you need to own some of

It’s an ‘effervescent…esoteric…energetic…and (occasionally) off-the-wall…’ concoction of ragtime, blues, jazz, spirituals and novelty songs on guitar, washboard, vocal harmonies and trumpet impersonations!
performed by Abie Budgen, Dan ‘the washboard man’ Wilkins, and his shimmying sister Kate!

“…absolute musical bliss.”
Scene Not Heard

Abie Budgen – Voc/Guitar/Banjolele
Dan Wilkins – Voc/Guitar/New Orleans percussion/Washboard
Kate Wilkins – Voc/Banjolele/Washboard/Shimmies
All – Kazoos and Human Trumpets!

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