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Power to the Imagination with Carlos Aladro

The Michael Chekov Technique is a very simple and inspiring way of using our body as an imaginative weapon, leading us to inspiration. Using this approach during this workshop you will step into the unknown world of the imagination.

As an acute observer of the ‘creative process’, Michael Chekov investigated the interplay between psyche and body, between ‘intangible and tangible’.

His observations led to the creation of a simple and clear tools for the actor, based on the powers of Concentration and Imagination, the Psychological Gesture, the Imaginary Centre and Atmosphere.

Chekov’s method is not a mere technique, though. All the elements of his method go beyond intellect, private experience and the mere business of producing art. They are keys that can unlock your own creative potential.

Carlos Aladro leads regular and varied workshops for professional actors. He is a member of Michael Chekov Europe, a European network of actors, directors, teachers – artists in the performing arts inspired by the Michael Chekov acting technique.

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