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Reject All Cookies presented by Juan Ayala (Spain)

We describe the world with metaphors, and they serve a certain narrative, whether we want this or not. To describe the accelerating process of digitization one of the most common metaphors we use is: the cloud.  

But this cloud is not weightless, is not amorphous or even invisible. It is a physical infrastructure made of telephone lines, optic fiber, satellites, cables in the bottom of the ocean, and vast buildings filled with computers which consume huge amounts of water and energy and sit within national and legal jurisdictions. 

Designed with an almost total unconsciousness it is a net of experiments fuelled by economic profit. A cloud for extraction. 

Reject all cookies is a one-off performance involving plants and humans reflecting on the possibility of coexisting in the digital era. 

Juan is a director, dramaturg, performer and designer based between London and Madrid.  

Specializing in both devised works and adaptations his work responds with sensitivity and risk-taking irreverence with the themes, site and audience. 



Friday 10 June


9.00pm – 9.40pm (40 mins)

Midlands Arts Centre

Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham, B12 9QH

age suitability:+14

Created by

Juan Ayala (Spain)

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