Be Festival

SHOW by Antonio Tagliarini (Italy) – 60 min

BE FESTIVAL 2014 1st Prize winner returns to Birmingham to perform the full version of his wonderful and wacky, SHOW.

Directed, performed and choreographed by Antonio Tagliarini, SHOW is an attempt to paint a self-portrait with the help of you, the audience. Funny, tragic, ironic, charismatic and in demand around Europe, SHOW is the fourth production Antonio has undertaken with creative partner Daria Deflorian. It highlights the sense of ridiculousness that comes with the many alter egos one lives through their life.

“I am a presenter, a dancer, a show-man. I am…me, me…who am i? I am my own time. I am my own things. I am my own heroes. I am my own alter ego”.

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Choreographer / Director
Antonio Tagliarini

Artistic Collaboration
Daria Deflorian & Fabrizio Bianchi

Antonio Tagliarini

Fabrizio Bianchi and Roberta Spegne

Sound Design
Antonio Tagliarini

Lighting Design
Antonio Tagliarini & Leonardo Bucalossi


Supported By
Rialto Sant’Ambrogio – Roma, Centro Artistico Il Grattacielo – Livorno, and Armunia Festival Costa degli Etruschi – Castiglioncello


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