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Sisyphus by New Perspectives (Belgium / UK) – 30 min

Inspired by the ancient myth, Sisyphus is a multi-sensory performance that starts with a man and a block of wood. Performed by radical Belgian painter and performer, Thibault Delferiere, in collaboration with Sicilian musician Giuseppe Lomeo and UK director Jack McNamara, this intense performance uses the body, paint and brutal objects to explore the endless cycles of hope and failure. Controlled physicality and masterful command of atmosphere are hallmarks of this performance from one of Europe’s most distinctive disabled artists.

Creating Sisyphus [HD, 1280×720] from Thibault DELFERIERE on Vimeo.

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Choreographer / Director:
Jack McNamara

Thibault Delferiere

Giuseppe Lomeo

Lighting design:
Mark Pritchard


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