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Solitudes by Kulunka Teatro (Spain) – 30 min

A story about holding onto the simple and everyday as we grow older. Solitudes traces the protagonist’s struggle with feeling disconnected and misunderstood as he approaches old age. As with Kulunka’s previous work, the cast wear full-masks which show striking, characterful expressions. The play follows the protagonist’s journey to communicate the importance of the day-to-day habits which make up his existence. With no dialogue, body language and movement are used to present characters’ relationships. A Spain-based company, Kulunka were awarded Audience Prize at BE 2011 and have toured the world with André & Dorine. 

A 30 minute version of the show will be presented


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Iñaki Rikarte

Kulunka Teatro

Edu Cárcamo 
Garbiñe Insausti 
Jose Dault 

Set design:
Ikerne Gimenez

Costume Design:
Ikerne Gimenez

Original soundtrack “Solitudes” by Luis Miguel Cobo

Sound Design:
Luis Miguel Cobo

Lighting Design:
Carlos Samaniego

Photography Credits:
David Ruiz


Supported by:

Gobierno Vasco
Scène National du Sud-Aquitaine
Victoria Eugenia

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