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Someone Loves You Drive With Care by Tom Cassani (UK) – 30 min

Tom Cassani is a performance artist and a liar. A crafty specialist of deception, he questions our collective construction of truth and lies, often challenging the borders of his own body using blunt and scary looking objects akin to the classic sideshow stunts made famous in vintage US circus. His trickery and disposition for deceit is enabled by his remarkable sleight of hand exposing deceptive techniques. Professionally trained in prestidigitation, all Tom’s work uses deceit as an artistic platform, exploring subjects of truth, honesty and manipulation.

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Thursday 5th July – 7:00 pm

Tom Cassani
Tom Cassani
Stage Manager:
Jen Smethurst
Jen Smethurst


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Public funding by Arts Council England
Part of the SPILL National Platform 2016

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