Be Festival

Stereo by MUT Collective (Spain)

A journey back and forth between the public and the private, between what we hide and what we show, between masculine and feminine. A piece that aims to expose gender as a construction, and society as an often violent system of ordering and categorisation.

The piece premiered in 2010 at BAD Festival in Bilbao. In 2012 it won the Best Performer Award at ACT Festival Bilbao (2012). MUT Collective was born in 2010, after the founders met at Imaginary Theatre Factory. This is their first work as a collective.

Choreographer / Director
Miren Gaztañaga

Miren Gaztañaga & Ainhoa Jauregi

Miren Gaztañaga

Set design
Miren Gaztañaga & Ainhoa Jauregi

Costume design
Miren Gaztañaga

“Zaldiak”, Ibon Agirre & Hannot Mintegia

Sound design
Ibon Agirre

Lighting design
Adrián Hernández

Sound technician
Ainhoa Jauregi

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