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Stuff by Sean Kempton (UK) – 30 min

What’s all this ‘stuff’ then? A brand new solo show by performer Sean Kempton who uses his engrossing and playful comedic presence to tell a story about love, a story that touches on human fragility, awkwardness and hilarity. Sean is an expert in movement integrating mime, clown, physical comedy and other physical disciplines. The intimate nature of the performance, where audiences become part of the story, was an essential element for Sean. Previously Sean worked with international company Cirque Du Soleil.

This piece is in development and the exact running time may differ slightly from that shown.

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Choreographer / Director
Sean Kempton

Co-conception & artistic support
Michaela O’Connor

Chloe Kempton, Jessica Ladley & Joyce Loosemore


Jacksons Lane Theatre


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