Be Festival

Sunday Morning by Hagit Yakira Company (UK)

Inspired by the different origins of her peers, Hagit takes Sunday morning to be the place of memories of childhood, of family, of home, and of fear of loss. Through evoking these memories (and feelings) she wishes to explore the emergence of individual identity, and at the same time the persistent longing to belong. “… a vigorous, piquant intimacy to a Sunday morning where four estimable performers disagree about distant memories of childhood, playing snippets of piano as they go. The particularity of each character was emphatically achieved and Yakira imbued the movement sequences with a distinctive flow. ” Graham Watts.

Hagit Yakira is a choreographer, performer and dance tutor based in London. Her aim is to develop a personal approach, based on close collaboration with various artists working within different art forms.

Director/Choreographer: Hagit Yakira
Rehearsal Director: Maika Klaukien
Dramaturge: Yarit Dor
Music: Tom James Scott
Costume design: Rachel E. Stanners
Costume makers: Cornelis Joubert, Berit Laageide
Lighting design: Rachel E. Stanners
Performers: Takeshi Matsumoto, Orley Quick, Cornelis Joubert, Hagit Yakira
Producer: Maria Tsaousi
Photography: David Packard

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