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That’s It by Sandman (Belgium/The Netherlands)

An unreal spectre claws her way across the stage and amongst layers of reality, back and forth between nightmarish dreamscapes to become one creature after another, lurking in the darkest recesses of the mind. For the audience, each transformation, each lurch of time and space, is a terrifying, untethering slip away from what we know and what is real.

That’s It is the first solo piece from Sandman company, founded in October 2012 by Artistic Director, Sabine Molenaar.

Winner of ACT festival, Bilbao and award for Strongest Female Talent at Theatre Aan Zee Festival, Oostende.



Sabine Molenaar

Sabine Molenaar

Set design & costumes
Sabine Molenaar

Music & sound design
Emilian Gatsov

Lighting design
Filip Timmerman

Terri Florido, Sarah Oyserman, Sarisden Englesman

1st price ACT festival, Bilbao 2013
ELLE-price for strongest female Talent, at TAZ, Oostende, Belgium

4Culture Association (Bucharest), Ultima Vez, workspacebrussels (Belgium), Jardin d’Europe, Culture Programme of the European Union, Joji inc, Artpotheek, Festival Cement

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