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The Invasion of the Body Snatchers by La Casa en el Árbol (Spain)

The infamous black and white quest of an unfeeling alien race to eliminate individualism on Earth is explored in the glorious three dimensions and technicolor of a live show. Fragments of ‘50s scripts and sequels work in conversation with video projection to present an unsettling B-Movie mash-up of our notions of identity and collectivism.

La Casa en el Árbol is led by Vicente Colomar, an artist, producer and academic. Vicente develops international and interdisciplinary research projects; spaces that explore the performing arts and their role in society.

Vicente Colomar

Vicente Colomar

Vicente Colomar
Ricardo Santana

Assistant Director
Raúl Marcos

Set design
Vicente Colomar

Josehan Mauleon

Joe Meek, Clara Rockmore

Sound design
Vicente Colomar

Lighting design
Jesús Tejido

Certamen Croquis 2013, Fringe Festival Matadero, Madrid

Supported by
Matadero Madrid, L´Estruch, fábrica de Creaciò de las Arts en Viú, Sabadell

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