Be Festival

The Neutral Mask Part I and II with Heriberto Montalván

The Neutral mask is an invitation for participants to set aside the personal and discover first what we all have in common. Exploring the natural world, the mask will help to essentialise natural movement, developing both calm and risk taking. This mask offers the chance to explore a state of openness and transparency vital to the actor creator

Thursday: “Identifying” with Nature
The participants will be able to experience how great the movement of nature are linked with the movements within oneself.

Friday: Economy of Movement
Through concrete situations the participants will explore the relationship between the actors body and the space around him.

Heriberto trained and now teaches at London International School of Performing Arts (LISPA), as well as the Met Film School. He has worked as a teacher with disadvantaged communities in his native Puerto Rico and as a freelance performer and collaborator with Les Mondes Contraires, Infectious Theatre, Cia Huma, You Need Me and The Gate Theatre.

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