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The Whistle by Squarehead Productions (Ireland) – 30 min

The Whistle is characterised by quick fire scene changes and several often funny and poetic narratives.

A juggler, a whistle and the audience together create a multitude of moments. The concept of The Whistle is almost genius in its simplicity: the performer on stage has a whistle. When he blows it, the audience closes their eyes, when he blows it again, they open them. Make that performer onstage a juggler and physical performer, mastering the art of precision, and the possibilities are endless.

The Whistle is a solo production by Irish artist Darragh McLoughlin drawing ideas from cinema, theatre and circus and playing with the audience’s expectations.

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Director / Choreographer
Darragh McLoughlin

Darragh McLoughlin

Sels Photography


RAPP 2014 – Laboratoriet, Aarhus, La Central del Circ’, Barcelona, CIT, Cork


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