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Things Easily Forgotten by Xavier Bobés (Spain) – 30 min

Picture the setting. A round table in an intimate and dusty Spanish lounge littered with objects. Xavier Bobés is your guide and medium for an intimate and sensory journey of sights and sounds delving into histories of Spain from the 1940s to the 1970s, invoking old memories and conjuring up new ones. A fascinating reminisce that shines a light on the here and now. The show was a great success at this year’s London International Mime Festival. Bobés is a Catalan actor and scenic manipulator who has used objects for 12 years to draw out new symbols and contexts.

This performance is a shortened version of the full production (full length 60 mins).

Performances: Wed, Thu, Fri & Sat |  3pm, 4.30pm & 6pm

Wed/Thu/Fri/Sat – 3pm, 4.30pm & 6pm
Capacity is 5 people per show. This show must be booked separately.

Booking via the REP website.

Choreographer / Director
Xavier Bobés

Xavier Bobés




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