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Things We’d Love To See On Stage by Los Bárbaros (Spain) – 30 min

The clue is in the title. An eloquent and witty theatre piece where the stage becomes a playground for the ‘barbarians’, fighting to live in the border, madly in love with theatre and life. The show runs through a list of desires – a five minute hug, a camping tent lit with a candle –  whilst a metronome ticks, conveying the beat of life passing by. A heartwarming piece with a sense of irony that chimes with the positive side of failure. Los Bárbaros was set up by Miguel Rojo and is a collaborative hub for artists from all disciplines.

This performance is a shortened version of the full production (full length 60 mins).

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Hernando Herráez & Miguel Rojo

Choreographer / Director
Ainhoa Hernández Escudero, Javier Hernando Herráez, Miguel Rojo, Miguel Ruz Velasco & Macarena Sanz Castejón

Ainhoa Hernández Escudero, Javier Hernando Herráez, Miguel Rojo & Miguel Ruz Velasco

Photography credits
Jorge Mirón

Special thanks
La Virgule, Rocío Bello





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