Be Festival

This Work About The Orange by A.L.D.E.S (Italy) – 30 min

Often unwittingly, when sat as a viewing audience member, we are part of a complex relationship with performer where we sit/enjoy/endure, speculate post performance and shape our opinions. Yet how many times have we wished we could step in? This sharp piece flips the coin with a focus on our shared experience. Led by Marco Chenevier and Alessia Pinto, we are treated to ‘Clockwork Orange’ aesthetics – the orange, the milk, the colour white – layered with bizarre interventions and an underlying narrative about the politicisation of the arts. A.L.D.E.S is an Italian Association of artists and cultural works run by Roberto Castello. Marco Chenevier won the first prize at BE FESTIVAL in 2016 with Quintetto.

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Choreographer / Director:
Marco Chenevier

Marco Chenevier
Alessia Pinto 
Andrea Sangiorgi

Marco Chenevier

Sound Design & Lighting Design:
Andrea Sangiorgi



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