Be Festival

Transnational Artist Heidi Blumenfeld by Andrej Tomse (Slovenia) – 20 min

“An artist that doesn’t make mistakes is an artist that doesn’t take risk”, Heidi tells the audience before  stylishly impressing with her juggling clubs as part of her holier-than-thou mission to redefine high art through kitsch performance and circus. Switching between male and female characters sometimes funny and awkwardly serious the show’s sound effects are brought to life through Heidi’s personal sidekick. A celebration of art, circus and gender bending like you’ve never seen before.

This piece is in development and the exact running time may differ slightly from that shown.

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Choreographer / Director
Hristina Vasić Tomše

Andrej Tomše

Andrej Tomše

Slobodan Ivanović

Photography credits
Luke Burrage & Christian Schulz


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