Trees: An Audio Journey by Jamie Wood (UK) – 60 min

Five years ago, Jamie Wood walked for 10 days between Coventry in Warwickshire and Treherbert in South Wales.

It was a homemade pilgrimage in search of roots, retracing the movement of his ancestors. He spread his grandparents’ ashes along the way and recorded the sound from the unfolding adventure.

This downloadable audio podcast is an invitation for you to get lost in that sound, whilst you give yourself an hour outside and reconnect to where you came from.

Jamie Wood is an international Art Clown, performer and director with a strong record in creating striking and accessible theatre, which has toured extensively all over the world. His work reflects a training combining fine art, theatre, clown and dance and ranges from the comic and darkly surreal plays of The Frequency D’Ici (Paperweight, Fringe First 2008, Director and deviser) to the physical and visual poetics of Petra’s Pulse (Aegean Fatigue, National Review of Live Art 2008, Co-director and Performer).  Over the last ten years he has focused on his trilogy of critically acclaimed solo shows, Beating McEnroe, O No! and I am a Tree.

“Half shaman, half buffoon, Wood creates a charming world that’s quite unlike anything else you’ll experience.” ★★★★ The Telegraph

Jamie Wood and Dom Kennedy

Performed by:
Jamie Wood

Sound design:
Dom Kennedy

Photo credits:
David Chilvers 


Original show devised with George Finally Ramsay and Wendy Hubbard


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