Be Festival

Vacuum by Cie Philippe Saire (Switzerland) – 23 min

A transcendental performance created by Philippe Saire, one of Europe’s leading exponents of experimental choreography where movement and visual arts converge and bodies weave through black holes and shards of dazzling light. The slo-mo optical canvas mesmerises as two male forms float through a vacuum created in space. The show has been programmed  at the 2016 edition of Internationale Tanzmesse Düsseldorf and is part three of the Dispositifs (stage devices) series by Philippe Saire who has played a significant part in developing contemporary dance in Switzerland.

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Choreographer / Director
Philippe Saire

Philippe Chosson & Gyula Cserepes

Léo Piccirelli

Sound design
Stéphane Vecchione

Technical director
Vincent Scalbert

Construction coordinator
Antoine Friderici

Cédric Berthoud

Photography credits
Philippe Weissbrodt

What Power Art Thou, from Henry Purcell’s King Arthur, performed by Fink and the Concertgebouw Orchestra.


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