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Violent Event ˟ by Billinger & Schulz (Germany) – 30 min

Violence permeates all areas of human existence, from the micro to the macro and is often closer to home that we care to admit. Five performers – using movement, dance, sound and text – discover how acts of physical aggression and the escalation of violence can both disturb and stimulate us. In doing so, they ask questions about our paradox boundaries between stage and the real world and challenge the notion of the theatre as a protected space. Billinger and Schulz create challenging tense work where society and the public are conceptually central and the body is the chief narrative tool.

The guest performance of Violent Event ˟ in Birmingham is supported by the promotion of export of the Ministry for Culture and Science of the Federal State of North-Rhine Westphalia.

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Thursday 5th July – 7:45 pm

Concept, Choreography:
Verena Billinger & Sebastian Schulz 

By and with:
Patricia Gimeno
Challenge Gumbodete/Nicolas Niot
Frank Koenen
Sanna Lundström
Lea Martini 

Stine Hertel

Camilla Vetters

Anton Kaun

Charlotte Pistorius

Melchior Hoffmann 

Alessia Neumann

Photography & Graphic Design:
Florian Krauß

Billinger & Schulz


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