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Waiting by Mokhallad Rasem (Belgium/Iraq)

It can be an interruption, a pause, or an obstacle to a future not yet begun. We wait for insight or for a bus. Until pain subsides. For word of a loved one, for toilet paper, money or for a visa. Different worlds clash quietly through traces of dance, performance and film in a meditation upon the fundamental human experience of waiting.

Mokhallad worked at the National Theatre of Iraq before the war changed the course of his life. Now resident director at Toneelhuis in Antwerp, Belgium, he won the 2013 Young Director’s award at the Saltzburger Festspiele for Romeo & Juliet.

Mokhallad Rasem

Mokhallad Rasem

Bassim Altayeb
Lore Uyttendaele
Jessa Wildemeersch

Sound design
Saad Ibraheem

Lighting design
Mokhallad Rasem

Video montage
Saad Ibraheem

Camera & interviews
Mokhallad Rasem, Lore Uyttendaele, Jessa Wildemeersch

Saad Ibraheem

Supported by
Moussem, Toneelhuis


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