Be Festival

What do we see? with Antonio Tagliarini

This workshop sets out to explore the relationship between the visible and the invisible, and how the two intertwine to form the way we perceive the world around us. In ‘The Visible and the Invisible’ Maurice Merleau-Ponty locates tissue between visible things, something that “sustains them, nourishes them, and which for its part is not a thing, but a possibility, a latency, and a flesh of things”. Join Antonio Tagliarini for this exploration of observing.

Antonio Tagliarini is a performer, choreographer and theatre director who has presented works all over the world. His solo work SHOW, which won 1st Prize at BE FESTIVAL 2014, returns this year.

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Each day of the festival there will be workshops taking place between 10.30am and 1.30pm. Led by international performers and directors, the workshops will focus on a range of acting and performance styles and techniques. Attendance is open to participating companies, festival volunteers, Midlands-based artists, students and interested audience members. Sign up for the workshops at the festival’s Hub when you collect your tickets. Limited capacity.

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