Birmingham 2022 Festival Presents…


A Creative City Grant project generously supported by Birmingham City Council.

To all the dreamers, freedom seekers and community lovers – we will create an oasis, a utopian island, a temporary state, the perfect place to be …


As part of this year ́s BE FESTIVALthe artist collective Fabrice Mazliah / Work Of Act, formerly MAMAZA (Germany)  will create an ephemeral communal garden at mac Birmingham in the theatre.  A newly thought out space was offered to the people of Birmingham giving them the liberty to share thoughts, discuss and dream together. 

This garden consists of a large collection of private plants collected door to door, by the artists, from Birmingham’s inhabitants and re-composed as a communal garden in the theatre.

Join us to create a green utopia and become part of The Garden State and lend us your plant for a week. Make your plant a star!

Plants can come from homes, schools, universities, hospitals, botanical gardens etc. we want the Garden to represent the city, its wards and to form a community.

The Garden State is a landscape and a time-scape housing all kinds of interactions and activities: meetings, workshops, concerts, yoga classes, naps, lectures and performances. The garden becomes the framework of a social choreography where the local inhabitants of Birmingham may come and go.

This project and the programme within it will form the finale of the BE Festival in 2022.  

BE FESTIVAL is a Birmingham-based arts organisation who believe in:

– crossing borders between countries, languages, cultures and disciplines; 

– creating meaningful, lasting connections between people of diverse backgrounds, through the medium of the performing arts and the framework of a festival. 

KEY DATES: Your plant will need to be part of the garden between 4 – 12 June 2022, it will be looked after with care, until its safe return. 

Registration and information:

Register with an image of your plant and your contact details: and we will be in touch with more information. 
BE FESTIVAL will look after your plants and return them to you at the end of the project.

For an audio version of this call out please click here.

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