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BEST of BE 2012

Every evening, three daring and delightful shows from across Europe

BE FESTIVAL specialises in adventurous theatre that inspires people of all nationalities. In the Autumn, BE FESTIVAL goes on tour with a triple bill of the year’s audience favourites, each 30 minutes long.

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Fantasy nº 10; 'The Beauty of Life'



by Compagnie du Geste qui Sauve (Belgium)

BE 2012 Winner of Best Physicality

A woman lives alone. Though she also lives with an absence – that of the man who shared her life before death. The only remaining signs of his presence are the objects he once used. The lamp, the book shelves, the scarf, the coat, everything is still impregnated with his smell and his gestures. But now that he is gone, how can she reconstruct her life? How can she become oblivious to his absence? A love story.

The company members met during their studies at the Kleine Academie in Belgium. Fascinated by gesture theatre as a universal language, L’Absent is their first project.

Fantasy nº 10; 'The Beauty of Life'

by Vladimir Tzekov (Spain)

BE 2012 Winner of Best Mise en Scène

A performance about the middle-truths and middle-lies that engulf our whole life. There is nothing that can’t be enriched by observing it at a slowed-down tempo.

No truth can maintain its state of fullness once we realise that rhythm is fundamental to everything we accept as normal. Middle-characters, middle-interpretations, middle-choreographies, all to explore the intermediate space between individuals and their lack of identity.

VLADIMIR TZEKOV was founded in 2008, and in 2009 they opened their research centre in Granada. They have produced performances in collaboration with the University of Granada; the University of S. Clement of Ohrid, in Sofia (Bulgaria) and The International Andalusian University (UNIA).


by A Tres Bandes (Spain)

BE 2012 Winner of BE FESTIVAL 1st Prize – Audience Prize

‘SOLFATARA’: a term for the openings in volcanic terrain that emit hot gases which are characterised by their high sulphur content. We are full of these geographic phenomena. Orifices that allow our insides to come to the surface.

A Tres Bandes was founded by actors Albert Pérez Hidalgo, Miquel Segovia and Mónica Almirall in Barcelona. They are inspired by and employ different disciplines to create their own original pieces. In the process, they attempt to discover everyday contradictions and share them with the audience.